Frequently asked questions

What is Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang (CMHT)? 

It is a Health assurance Scheme launched by Government of Manipur, which provides free treatment to SECC, Widow/Disabled/AAY card holder for treatment of illness at the empanelled hospitals.

Is it only for Manipur Residents?

Yes, approved list of families under SECC (Socio-Economic Census), Poor, Disabled and widows, who are permanent resident of Manipur are eligible to avail benefits under the scheme.

Who are eligible for enrolment?

Approved list of families under SECC, AAY card Holder, Disabled and widows, are eligible for getting enrolled. However, an alternative for consideration is available for those families which are not found eligible as per SECC eligibility criteria but are poor. Submission of such families will be verified by Deputy Commissioner based on same criteria of deprivation as noted in SECC methodology. If found eligible during such verification, such families may be enrolled. The procedure for such type of enrolment will be that the claimant (of being poor) will reach the Enrolment Kiosk with relevant documents as required for enrolment and will be given a yellow receipt acknowledging the applicant. The records of the individual will be sent to the relevant District Commissioner who will send the relevant staff to carry out physical verification of the Claimants/Applicants Social Status as per the SECC eligibility criteria. If the Applicant is found to be eligible, DC will approve the application, upon which a SMS will be sent to applicants Cell number (recorded at the time of Enrolment and also recorded in the yellow receipt), instructing applicant to collect the CMHT Health Card from the designated District Hospital/ CHC/PHC as the case may be. In cases where the application is rejected, a regret SMS will be sent to applicant.

What is enrolment?

Enrolment is a process wherein eligible individual goes to the enrolment station and gets himself enrolled in the Scheme. During the enrolment, the Verifying officer will verify the eligibility of the individual based on the SECC data, ID proof listed in this document and Aadhar. If found eligible, operator will capture the details of family members and issue ID card. A nominal fee of Rs.50/- will be charged per family towards card and a Green receipt will be handed over to the applicant. This receipt has to be brought to the relevant District Hospital/ CHC/ PHC at the time of card collection, for which a SMS will be sent to the applicant Cell Phone (as recorded in the green receipt).  No charges will be collected from AAY, Disabled and Widow.

When is the Enrolment starting in my location?

Publicity will be given in advance about enrolment in every locality. One can also check with ASHAs operating in the area for more details. By Mid February it is aimed to commence enrolment in all District Hospitals and CHCs. The District Wise enrollment Plan can be had from

Where should I come for enrolment?

You may approach the nearest District Hospital, CHC or Primary Health Care Centre for getting enrolled.

What are the documents I need to carry for getting enrolled?

Please visit the enrolment station in your locality along with the following documents in ORIGINAL

  1. ID Proof : Any of the following documents notified by Home Department: PAN | Voter ID | Passport | DL | Govt ID | Ration Card / Any ID issued by Recognized Education institution
  2. Eligibility Proof : AAY Card | Disability Certificate | Death Certificate of the Husband in case of Widow (The death certificate must carry wife’s name or Wife must carry a relevant government document stating relationship with the demised Husband)
  3. Aadhar Card is mandatory for coverage under the scheme

What if some of my family members are outside Manipur at the time of enrolment?

Entire family may not be required to be physically present for enrolment process but at least one member preferably Head of Family must visit the enrolment centre. However, for availing cashless treatment, Aadhar is mandatory and hence while enrolment may happen, the treatment for any member over 18 years will only be permissible if his/her aadhar entry is linked

I have a new-born, but I do not have any ID proof, for the baby what shall I do ? Is Aadhar Card required for enrolment

Please bring the Original Birth Certificate of the new-born for inclusion of baby under the Scheme

I will be out of Manipur for the next 4 months? How can I get myself enrolled later?

On your return, you may go to nearest Primary Healthcare Centres/ CHC or District Hospital at the earliest along with the original documents described in previous paragraph.

Will you give card to my son/Daughter?

One card will be issued per family. This card will cover all members of family, subject to enrolment.

Do I have to make any payment for getting enrolled?

An amount of Rs.50/- by way of cash to be paid to ISA (Implementation Support Agency for getting enrolled under the Scheme). This will be acknowledged by the ISA by a green receipt. AAY Card holder, disabled and widow shall be exempted from making the payment.

What is cashless hospitalisation?

Cashless hospitalization is a facility under Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang Scheme, where the beneficiary can get admitted ( Medical Coverage and care is ONLY applicable on Hospitalisation and NOT for OPD treatment) and undergo necessary treatment without paying the hospital for the medical expenses up to defined financial ceiling. Hospitals will be paid for treatment of beneficiaries under the Scheme, as reimbursement directly by the Government of Manipur. The Scheme is available at JNIMS, RIMS, all district hospitals, sub district hospital, all CHCs and few networked private hospitals.

Where I should go for Hospitalization (Treatment) ?

All CHCs | Sub District Hospital | District Hospitals | RIMS | JNIMS. Patient can avail treatment in Private empanelled Network Hospitals, subject to referral by SNC

  1. For Primary Care : All empanelled Government hospitals within Manipur
  2. For Secondary Care : All empanelled Government hospitals within Manipur and RIMS and JNIMS.
  3. For Tertiary Care : All empanelled Government hospitals within Manipur, RIMS, JNIMS. Subject to referrals, at speciality hospitals inside & outside Manipur

With the card, can I get treatment in a Private hospital?

Yes. But only on Hospitalisation (Not as an OPD patient) in CMHT networked/ empanelled hospitals and ONLY after recommendation from a Primary or Secondary Government listed hospital and approved by State Nodal Cell (SNC). List of private empanelled hospitals will be available at

Is there any time limit for enrolment

No. The enrolment is a continuous process at the following hospitals JNIMS, RIMS, all district hospitals, sub district hospital and all CHCs. However, at PHCs enrolment process will happen for six months only.

Is Aadhar Card required for enrolment?

Yes. Aadhar Card along with Aadhar consent form shall be required. Aadhar Consent Form is essential for enrolment in the scheme and this will be taken by the ISA Kiosk Operator at the time of enrolment. However to avail treatment, Patient’s Aadhar number has to be provided.  For any person trying to enrol without being on the SECC deprivation list Or AAY/Disabled/Widow category, it is MANDATORY to provide Aadhar in ORIGINAL at the time of applying ALONG WITH Aadhar Consent Form. Without these documents, enrolment application cannot be sent to District Commissioner for verification.

How can we get Transportation Fare ? And How can I get it if I don’t have a bank account ?

Within State: Transport Fare @300 per day (ONLY when hospitalised in Government or Private hospitals empanelled under the scheme) for a maximum period of 10 days PER FAMILY, PER YEAR (from Date of enrolment). It has an annual ceiling of Rs 3000. During discharge, patient has to furnish bank account details of the beneficiary to ISA, for availing this.
Outside State : Daily Allowance of Rs 1000/- per day up to an annual ceiling of Rs 10,000/- per year. This includes both the Allowance and Transport Fare for Patient and Attendant.
Bank Account of beneficiary, is mandatory for getting reimbursement of Transport and Travel Allowance.

Does the Enrolment Kiosk give "Yellow Receipt" to ONLY the HOF of an applicant outside the SECC/AAY/Disabled/Widow List ?

Any applicant who does not form part of the SECC deprivation list OR under the Disabled/Widow/AAY category BUT claims to be socially deprived, will need to provide documentary evidence of being a Manipur State Domicile and/ OR Aadhaar Card in ORIGINAL. This will be captured as picture evidence and application sent to the relevant District Commissioner to carry out Physical verification of the Social Status of the applicant and accordingly certify eligibility/ Non eligibility. Based on the District Commissioners decision, the applicant will be sent an SMS to collect the CMHT Card (if found meeting the Social deprivation criteria ) OR will be sent an SMS on his/her ineligibility on registered mobile at the time of applying.

What is the difference between District Coordinator and Health Coordinator ?

The District Coordinator is the overall In-charge of District Enrolment, Hospitalisation and claim processing for the ISA. Health Coordinator assists patients through the hospitalisation process and checks the correct process and attention is being given to the patient during admission, discharge and claim processing assistance. Both roles are interchangeable as the scheme becomes more popular.

Are approval letters from Ministers/MPs/MLAs/ Senior Government and Private Hospitals ?

In order to maintain correct records and utilisation of the intent and spirit of the scheme, such cases need to be recorded and approved by the Director, Health Services for further process. The individual however has to prove his state domicile and provide Aadhaar card in original and consent form at the time of enrolment.

How to get information on CMHT or receive clarification or complain?

Scheme information can be had from Toll Free No 1800 103 2015 and also by visiting the CMT website

Is it mandatory for a disabled person to come in person and sign consent form at enrolment centre or can a family member sign for his consent?

Only mental disabilities and loss of hands can be exceptions to individual not signing a consent form. In such cases, it is mandatory for the Enrolment operator to capture the picture of the individual along with Head of Family. In extreme disability conditions, post certificate from the Director Health Services, the exemption can be made after recording/uploading the certificate of the Director as evidence on the Enrolment application.


AAY Card holder has whole family surname different:

Asked to provide Linking Aadhar or Certificate from District Commissioner on change of name or from authorised Notary.

Husband wants to claim for his demised wife who was an AAY card holder:

Post facto claims or claims prior to the scheme launch date not allowed.